Paying Taxes after You're Dead? Why You Need a Probate Lawyer


Many people are shocked and surprised to learn that they will have a final tax return that needs to be filed after they are already dead. Additionally, if you die within a month or two of the new year, and you have not filed your taxes yet for the previous year, your beneficiaries will have to file two years' worth of tax returns—next year's as well as the current year's. You can prevent leaving that untimely and shocking burden with your heirs by involving a probate lawyer.

14 November 2016

How To Handle A Property Dispute


If you own a home and you're encountering issues with a neighbor encroaching on your property, things can get heated. It's important to understand how a property dispute works, where you stand legally, and what you can do to rectify the situation. Here is some helpful information you need to know if you're in the middle of a dispute regarding your property or boundary lines surrounding it. Understand Your Lines

23 February 2016