Do You Need A Real Estate Lawyer?


Buying a piece of real estate seems, at least on the surface, pretty simple. You find a property you like, pay for it, and then it's yours, right? Unfortunately, things aren't quite that simple. Buying real estate and getting all the rights to which you are entitled can be tricky, especially with all the real estate scams going on. While there are some real estate transactions that are fairly simple and straightforward, it's always best to consult with a real estate lawyer for advice and guidance throughout the buying process. However, there are certain situations in which you will definitely need a lawyer, situations, in fact, where not having one shouldn't be an option.

Situation #1: You're Buying From Out of Town

These days, thanks to the internet and the ability to view properties and make financial transactions online, many people are buying homes without ever actually seeing them, or their realtor in person. You can see why this could potentially be dangerous. The person on the other side of your computer screen could be anyone and is not necessarily a legitimate realtor with a legitimate property to sell.

To avoid getting scammed completely or even lied to about small details, find a real estate attorney in the area where the property is. This person can be your liaison or "go-between," actually viewing the property and handling the in-person details for you.

Situation #2: You're Dealing with a Problematic Property

If you find that there's a problem of any sort with the property you are planning to buy, definitely consult a lawyer. Some problems need to be addressed as to how they will be fixed or if they will be fixed in your purchasing contract. Others need to at least be noted in the contract for the seller's sake so that you cannot turn around later and claim you didn't know about problems.

While any issues should be reason enough to consult a real estate attorney, below are some of the most common issues that require the help of a skilled lawyer:

  • Properties that have been damaged in the past in some way, such as through a fire or natural disaster
  • Properties that require additions or changes before or after purchase, especially if the seller agrees to finance the changes
  • Properties in flood zones
  • Properties in tornado zones
  • Properties with known structural issues

As you can see, there are all kinds of good reasons to work with a real estate lawyer. These are just a few, and honestly, it is always in your best interest to work with a real estate lawyer any time you are purchasing a property. For more information, consider contacting Steve Butcher Sr.


11 November 2015

why you need a real estate lawyer to read documents

Stop -Don't sign that! I was unfortunate to learn the hard way that real estate documents should never be signed without a real estate lawyer looking over them. It took nearly two years to undo the damage that was done when I took a few minutes to read and sign a contract to purchase a piece of land. If you are looking to buy land, talk with a real estate attorney. This attorney should always read any contracts or documents that you are presented regarding the property you are purchasing. Find out what could happen if you fail to have a professional read over those documents here on my blog.